Thursday, November 06, 2003

West Virginia: "Judicial Hellhole"

The Daily Mail reports the results of a study by the American Tort Reform Association declaring the whole state, especially Kanwha County and the Northern Panhandle, a "judicial hellhole."

According to ATRA's website, "'[j]udicial hellholes' are cities, counties, or judicial districts that attract lawsuits from around the nation or the region because they are correctly perceived as very plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions."

West Virginia is the only state to have its entire court system held up as a bad example. The other "hellholes" were individual circuits or jurisdictions.

One plaintiff's lawyer who had one of his cases held up as an example of judicial unfairness considered the criticism an honor, according to the Daily Mail article.

The entire report can be viewed at ATRA's web site. (PDF 1,623 KB)

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