Thursday, May 08, 2003

Error affects results of national bar exam

Those aspiring lawyers "on the bubble" for passing or failing the February bar exam may be in for a shock. The Boston Globe reports that a scoring error on the MBE "has changed results for thousands of aspiring lawyers and could affect whether some pass or fail the bar, according to the National Conference of Bar Examiners."

As if taking the exam and waiting for the results were not nerve-wracking enough.

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Anonymous said...

If this is true, then there should be some sort of recourse of action that the Bar should be performing in order to rectify the situation. The unfairness of such an act is disgusting to me. My brother is eagerly awaiting his results from taking the test in Feb. Not only is the Bar a stressful test to take, it is also an expensive one to take. Some who are deserving to pass the Bar might deemed to be "failing" when he/she deserved to pass. And, that, in itself is completely wrong. How much more unfairness from the government should American citizens have to put up with?